Electro Eliminators
An Electro Eliminator is a shaft earthing device that connects directly to a propellors shaft to generate a charge for the anode.
Electro Eliminator EE Drawing
What is an Electro Eliminator?
An Electro Eliminator is a shaft earthing device that connects directly to a propellors shaft, it provides a direct low resistance connection from a hull mounted anode to the prop and shaft. The typical bonding set up on a vessel is for the bonding wire to attach from the anode mounting bolt and run to the engine and gearbox, thus providing a path to the prop and shaft, completing the circuit required for cathodic protection from the anode. If there is a flexible coupling between the gearbox and prop shaft this must be bridged with a continuity wire, so the circuit is not broken.

An Electro Eliminator is used as a “belt & braces” method to provide a second (and more direct) path from the anode to the prop & shaft. The Electro eliminator has copper graphite brushes which run directly onto the prop shaft as it turns in use. An Electro Eliminator is a good upgrade for any vessels anode bonding system.
How often do you need to replace an Electro Eliminator?
Once the copper graphite brushes have worn down through use they will need to be replaced, typically they will last for 2000 hours of running. Replacement brushes are available for the EE2/208 and EE3. The EE1 requires the complete unit to be replaced.
Installing an Electro Eliminator
Electro Eliminator EE2 Mounted
The electro eliminator must straddle the prop shaft, often between the gearbox and stern gland. The Electro Eliminator range accepts a round dowel that the unit clamps too. The EE1 includes a short stainless steel dowel and fixings, but all require a “bridge” typically made from marine ply to be installed.