13th November 1956

M.G.Duff and Partners Limited Incorporated, Registered Number 574150

12th August 1957

Tony Seabrook joins MGDuff and Partners as Compass Adjuster.

1958 - 1960

The company begins to develop the use of zinc sacrificial anodes and trials begin on a test raft moored off Westlands in Chichester harbour.

5th March 1959

Tony Seabrook appointed a director.

1959 - 1960

Chunky Duff begins to develop his idea for a ‘Yacht Basin’ and Vernon’s Dock in Birdham is identified as a potential site. A consortium that includes Macalpines and MGDuff and Partners begins construction.

17th July 1965

Merlin Graham (Chunky) Duff sadly dies before he sees his brainchild, the first purpose built yacht marina in the Country, completed.

September 1965

The Chichester Yacht Basin Opens,

December 1965

Tony Seabrook acquires MGDuff & Partners Ltd.

11th October 1968

M.G.Duff and Partners Limited name changed to M.G.Duff Holdings Limited, established as the Holding Company for ‘Partners and ‘Marine.

11th October 1968

New Company M.G.Duff and Partners Limited incorporated, Registered Number 940374, established to encompass the Marine Surveying business of the company.

17th October 1968

New Company M.G.Duff Marine Limited Incorporated, Registered Number 940778, established to encompass the Marine Cathodic Protection business of the company.

14th October 1972

MGDuff appointed agents for Servi Steering Equipment.

5th November 1972

Andrew Seabrook joins MGDuff.

1st June 1988

MGDuff supplies first Inert Gas System to Brodosplit Shipyard in Yugoslavia.

19th June 1991

New Company EGGSHELL (212) Limited Incorporated, Registered Number 2621868, established to acquire the business of M.G.Duff Holdings Limited.

October 1991

MGDuff acquires Monitor Marine (CP) business in North Shields.

6th February 1992

EGGSHELL (212) Limited name changed to M.G.Duff International Ltd.

February - September 1996 - 1997

MGDuff complete 15 Inert Gas systems in partnership with Kashiwa Company.

2nd June 1998

MGD Hygiene carries out the first installation of Altro Whiterock.

1st May 1999

Gavin Seabrook joins MGDuff.

November 2001

MGDuff and Canada Metal(Pacific) become strategic partners in Europe.

31st January 2002

MGDuff achieve ISO9001 Accreditation.

6th September 2007

MGDuff achieve OHSAS18001 Accreditation.

4th April 2008

MGDuff acquires Zinga-UK.

1st October 2008

MGDuff Chichester Foundry goes operational.

26th October 2008

MGDuff Achieve UKAS Accreditation for

  • ISO9001-2008
  • ISO18001-2007
26th December 2014

ISO14001-2004 – Environmental Quality