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How many zinc anodes do I need for the hull of my vessel?


<span 1.6em;"="">The number, type and positioning of zinc anodes for full underwater hull protection is dependent upon the following factors:-

a) Area of immersed plating and structure.
b) Efficiency of underwater paint coatings.
c) Anode life required.
d) Type and area of other underwater metalwork.
e) Type of anode considered most suitable.

The following anode selection table, assumes conventionally designed vessels - whether pleasure or working craft, having good underwater paint coatings with minimal paint loss (less than 10% over 24 months).

To select the correct type and size of anode, use our hull anode selector tool.

Wetted Surface Area Calculations

Using the main dimensions of the vessel in metres, i.e. length (waterline), breadth and draft (mean loaded), calculate area by the following formula: L W L x (Breadth + Draft). The resulting area applies to tugs, trawlers ferries, motor cruisers, launches and full bodied sailing craft.

For vessels with a wetted surface area larger than 110 square metres, please contact us.

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