Zinc vs Aluminium Anodes

For over 60 years Zinc has been the anode of choice for salt water. But, in the last two, the costs have more than doubled due to commodity price increases and currency exchange rates. Leaving boat builders and yacht owners alike looking for a suitable alternative.

Aluminium anodes have been on the market for many years and have mainly been used for brackish water conditions found in tidal rivers, estuaries and coastal lagoons. However, it is not commonly known that they also work extremely well in salt water and in fact offer a higher level of protection than Zinc! 

With a higher driving voltage and longer amp-hour per kg rate, they will not only provide excellent protection but also outlast an equivalent Zinc anode by up to 20%.

Another very important plus is that they are more environmentally friendly as, unlike zincs, they don’t contain cadmium.

Our technical team have been working with many of the UK's leading boat builders to help transition them from Zinc to Aluminium. Both Sunseeker and Princess Yachts have been using our Aluminium anodes for a number of years and have seen very good results.

We offer an Aluminium equivalent for the vast majority of our zinc. With product ranges growing for 2019 focusing on our shaft and propeller anode ranges where choice previously had been limited.

If you would like help or more information about switching to Aluminium anodes please feel free to contact our office via phone or email.